To the TinyPixelmapper Project
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The Main focus of this Project is to create a Led Controller that can bring Festival Lights into the Home.
I have been working on the TinyPixelMapper (TPM) since 2014 and it has come a long way since then. I started out programing it for the ATTiny and then moved over to the ESP8266 but it was still to limited. So I Moved the Project over to the ESP32 and it is now a full Autonomous Led Pixel Mapping Controller. To be able to show what it can do I had to create a Lamp for it.

Due to the current Situation in the World I have decided not to Crowdfund this Project. So that i can react to the changes in the Market and Shipping, since I need to buy the Electronic Parts and be able to send it.

At the moment This Project / Store is managed by Mayself and is a OneManShow! I personally Print, Solder and Assemble Everything. Please be aware that as long as this Buissness is handeld only by myself, Orders will be Processed as soon as possible but due to other Work like Running Festival Lights at a Festival or giving IT courses it can come to delays. But reast assured your order will be processed and I will contact you about your Delivery.

What can the Tinypixelmapper Do ?

The TinyPixelMapper has 4 Outputs to connect Led Strips like a SW2812b.
It has a OnBoard Microphone and AudioJack that are connected to a EQ chip.
There are Different Effects Like Pallete and FFT (Audio Data) that can be Mixed against each other.
You have 4 Modes of Opperation, Autonomous, Artnet (Send or Recive), Artnet-Remapping (Autonomous + Artnet as audio data)
Can be integrated into a HomeAutomation over MQTT
Save all Config/Settings on an SD.
WLAN (Client or Server) or Ethernet.