TinyPixelMapper Stepper Controller PCB Kit


Control Stepper Drivers over DIR/STEP Pins

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The PCB and all Components To Self-Solder
Controll up 4 Stepper Drivers witha DIR/Step Pins.
Each motor can be set over the Variable Resistor or over OSC.
Hold The button to stop all Motors.
Ethernet or Wifi Connectivity.
Can power the Poward over POE, USB or the 5V Power In.

Important notice for POE! : ESP32-POE has no galvano isolation from Ethernet’s power supply, when you program the board via the micro USB connector the Ethernet cable should be disconnected (if you have power over the Ethernet cable)!

TinyPixelMapper Stepper Controller PCB.
1 x Terminal Block 16 Rows
1 x Terminal Block 2 Rows
1 x PushButton
4 x Variable Resistor
1 x Olimex ESP32-POE 
1 x SN74AHCT245n Levelshifter to 5V


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